About Foil

Designing clothes for the modern woman is at the heart of what we do.
Our philosophy is simple: we create beautiful clothes that make you feel good.
Our focus is on innovative design and premium fabrics. We believe it’s the finer details that count.
Express yourself by dressing in clothes that you will treasure forever. Simply shine in FOIL.

Our Craft

We exist to serve our customers classic designs that stand the test of time.

Our enduring and loyal clientele come to us because of our considered approach. We care about the finer details; with a focus on craftsmanship, our clothing is made to be worn season after season.

We use premium Australasian merino, natural fibres such as ramie, cotton and linen, and innovative synthetic fibres that are made to last.

As well as designing our collections in Christchurch we work with local and international artists to develop bespoke printed fabrics.

From Aotearoa New Zealand to the world our garments are loved by our customers across the globe.

About Longbeach Apparel

FOIL is brought to you by Longbeach Apparel who has been operating out of Christchurch, New Zealand for over 40 years.

We pride ourselves in delivering garments that cater to a diverse range of customers, both locally and through our key partners in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States and Canada.

Craftsmanship, quality fabrics, ethical garment sourcing and supply is close to our hearts. We have close relationships with our manufacturers and all suppliers undergo initial audits and regular inspections.